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More and more people are choosing to employ their own carers, personal assistants or support staff to help them live their lives independently.

KDC provides an efficient and professional payroll service – Your Payroll –  that takes away the worry of paying wages and dealing with tax, national insurance, and pensions.

We do all the work around paying your staff and enable you to comply with your legal responsibilities

We will:

  • Calculate your employee’s pay, including tax and national insurance contributions and provide you with pay-slips
  • Register you as an employer with HMRC and act as your agent with them
  • Manage statutory payments and deductions like SSP, SMP and student loans
  • Keep track of annual leave allowances and payments
  • Produce P45s for employees who leave
  • Ensure you comply with Real Time Information regulations
  • Access your entitlement to Employment Allowance (up to £3,000 saving on NI)
  • Provide a telephone help and advice line for any queries

We will also help you comply with your legal duties around the new pensions automatic enrolment regulations. We will:

  • Act as your point of contact with the Pensions Regulator for auto-enrolment
  • Provide letters and information for your employees about auto-enrolment
  • Set up a pensions scheme on your behalf
  • Process deductions from your employees as well as your employer contributions
  • Manage the payments to the pension provider
  • Help you keep on top of your ongoing responsibilities

The fee for the auto enrolment service is £43.20 per year and this should be covered by the amount you receive in your Direct Payments.

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