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Your Payroll Service – Questions Answered

What if I need extra support for this service?

You can have a friend or relative act on your behalf and we will be happy to deal with them directly.

How much does the service cost?
The price of the service varies but if you have a Direct Payment, the fee is usually included in the amount you receive from the Council – call us on 0151 949 5442 for more information.

How long does it take to get started?
It normally takes two weeks to set everything up for you to get the service.

I already use a Payroll Service; do I have to transfer to you?
No, it is all about your choice. If you wish to compare our service to any other, we are happy for you to do so. If you do then choose to use our service, we can liaise with your provider and make sure that your current arrangements are transferred to us quickly and easily.

How do you send payslips?
Payslips are emailed directly to your PA via a secure online server – IRIS Open Payslips – they will be provided with a secure link to register an account where all their payslips, P60’s will be securely stored. 

How do you know how much to pay my personal assistant?
We will pay the allocated hours at the agreed rate arranged with your social worker. You must let us know if your personal assistant leaves, is off sick, goes on holiday, works more (or less) hours than was initially agreed, or has their hours changed because your support package has been reviewed.

We will need this information so that we can produce a payslip every 4 weeks. You can notify us of any changes by email, phone or by completing a Pay Variation form that we will provide.

How do I get the service?
Contact your social worker or contact us direct:
Phone 0151 949 5442, email yourpayroll@kdc.org.uk 

What happens then?
We will arrange to come and visit you to explain the process in detail and answer any questions you may have.

We will provide a letter of engagement setting out your responsibilities and ask you to sign a form (HMRC 64-8) so that Your Payroll can act as your agent in all dealings with HMRC. We will give you a Direct Debit form to complete in order that the fee can be paid from your Direct Payment bank account, the direct debit form and letter of engagement must be signed and returned before your service can begin.

Once you have recruited your personal assistant, we will give you a P46 form for them to complete. We can then start processing their pay.

All you need to do then is pay your personal assistant their wages, tell us about any changes in their hours or personal details and arrange with us for payments due to HMRC.