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Managed Account Services

Managed Account

If you need extra help to operate your direct payments, our Managed Account Service takes care of all the administration tasks involved – whilst ensuring that you have full choice and control.

Our Managed Accounts Service takes the stress out of using direct payments by carrying out all of the financial transactions on your behalf. We use accredited systems and processes and all our staff are trained and experienced.

  • We will receive the money for your personal budget directly from the Council into a dedicated, secure bank account in your name.
  • We will pay your care agency/support invoices and any other bills.
  • We will keep records and deal with the Local Authority’s reporting requirements.

Download our leaflet for more information

To get a Managed Account from KDC, you can simply telephone 0151 480 8773 and ask to speak to Colette or Andy or email managedaccounts@kdc.org.uk.

Our customers said:

“Thank you for all your help and support, I really appreciate the fact that you never make me feel silly for asking questions no matter how simple they are” – Ray

“Thanks for the great service – I would not be able to manage without you and appreciate all you do for us” – Sue

“You’ve made it so much easier for me to concentrate on my daughter’s care” – Debbi

***** In a recent survey, 98% of customers rated the Managed Account Service as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.

Payroll Service

If you employ your own personal care assistants, our Payroll Service (Your Payroll) covers all of the duties you have as an employer. Read more about this service here

Managed Payroll Service

Our fully managed payroll service incorporates all aspects of processing wages for people employing PAs.  We will ensure that your PAs are paid correctly and on time and take care of all your legal duties as an employer, including auto-enrolment and workplace pensions. For more information on this service read the information pack here.

To request a Managed Payroll Service contact Andy or Colette on 0151 480 8873 or email managedaccounts@kdc.org.uk