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Mental Health Services

Welcome to our section on Direct Payments and Mental Health.

This section is aimed to be a resource for anyone who uses mental health services in Knowsley, carers and all professionals working in Mental Health services.

People with experience of using mental health services say that they want to be in control of their own lives, and of the support they need.  Direct Payments are the opportunity to make this a reality, and provide a much wider range of choices to what is available from statutory services.

Did you know? It is expected that, in most cases, people subject to mental health legislation will now enjoy exactly the same rights to direct payments as anyone else.

In short, there is a duty at assessment and review where an individual has assessed needs and a written care plan for an offer of Direct Payments to be made to the individual.

A conversation is required to explore how Direct Payments may assist in meeting needs identified in the care plan.  People assessed as having eligible needs should not be put off accepting direct payments by a lack of adequate information about how their needs can be met.

We hope you will like this addition to our website.  Please follow any of the links for further information that you are interested in.  We will be seeking to keep this mental health section updated with more information, news and stories about how local people have used Direct Payments to meet their mental health needs, assist with their recovery and tackle social isolation.

Keep coming back for updates!


For more information about Direct Payments, contact Andy Gilbert at KDC on 0151 480 8873.  Andy can talk to you over the telephone, send you information by post, email or come out and visit you for further discussion, alternatively you can read more information on our leaflet


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