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Knowsley BIG Group
Knowsley BIG Group

The Big Group

BIG stands for Being Involved Group and it is a self-advocacy group for people with a learning disability.

We discuss all issues to do with our lives, including health, housing and services.

It started with the government White Paper, ‘Valuing People’, which outlines how people with a learning disability have been excluded but should in the future be provided with the opportunity to live full and independent lives as part of the community.

What is self-advocacy?

It is people like us speaking up for ourselves. People with a learning disability can make a real difference to services and how they are delivered.

Self-advocacy can transform the lives of people with a learning disability to help us to express our wishes and aspirations and to make real choices.

Youth (15 – 25 year olds)
Knowsley BIG Group

Youth (15 – 25 year olds)

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The BIG Pathway
Knowsley BIG Group

The BIG Pathway

The BIG Pathway is a free  programme of learning and development activities for adults with learning disabilities delivered in short sessions in community settings across Knowsley.

The programme’s aims are to:

  • Boost your confidence
  • Be positive about yourself
  • Speak up about what you want
  • Know what you are good at
  • Think about doing new things in the future – even a job!
News & Events
Knowsley BIG Group


If you would like to find out more, contact Paula:
Phone: 0151 480 8883 or Email:  BIGgroup@kdc.org.uk