263a Tarbock Road
Huyton Merseyside, L36 0SD

Direct Payments Support Group

KDC has established a Support Group, based on the simple idea of a person who has experience and knowledge of using Direct Payments, successfully supporting one who doesn’t. The Support Group acts as a forum for users to have a say in what’s going on around Direct Payments in Knowsley and is developing links to local groups of disabled people, carers and families.


The group meets in Huyton every 6 weeks on a Wednesday afternoon and discussions range from employment law to sharing tips about getting out and about by train.Topics planned for future meetings include:

  • direct payments record-keeping and audit requirements
  • keeping up to date with your assessed client contribution payments
  • planned changes to welfare benefits and Universal Credit
  • the new Personal Independence Payment and how you will be affected
  • what happens at ‘the Panel’

We think that having somewhere to chat, share experiences, ideas and concerns and listen to how others make Direct Payments work for them is really useful. Some of the members will soon be able to volunteer their time to act as ‘mentors’ and will be using their own personal knowledge and experience to help a new user of the scheme.    

Anyone can come along to the meetings so if you are interested in getting involved, contact johanne.ross@kdc.org.uk or telephone 0151 480 4090 for further details.