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Knowsley Blue Badge Update

Blue Badge applications which do not require further assessment due to being automatically eligible (these are issued by the One Stop Shop) are currently being dealt with within 7 days.

Blue Badge applications which require further assessment by the Centre for Independent Living are currently on a 26 week wait for assessment. This backlog was created following the national change in criteria in August 2019 to include “hidden disabilities”; this led to a large increase in the number of applications for Blue Badges.  Although the Government extended the criteria, it did not allocate any additional resources to local authorities to deal with the increased number of applications.  This led directly to a backlog in applications and a waiting list. The team has now been allocated some additional funding for a temporary post to support with reducing waiting times. We now have this additional staff member in post from 22nd June and waiting times are starting to reduce more rapidly due to this dedicated resource. Waiting times have reduced from 33 weeks in May to 26 weeks currently. Other service improvements have also been, and continue to be, implemented in order to help us process the applications more efficiently given the increased demand.

Processing of Blue Badge applications is continuing despite the restrictions with Covid 19 with the exception of mobility assessment appointments which continue to be suspended at present. The team are therefore completing desktop assessments for as many applications as possible, so we are asking all applicants to please ensure supporting medical evidence is included with applications to support with the completion of a desktop assessment. Any applications which cannot be processed via desktop assessment will be contacted to arrange a mobility assessment appointment once this aspect of the service is reinstated in accordance with Covid 19 guidance. This will apply to those applying under the ‘mobility’ criteria rather than the ‘hidden’ criteria who will all be desktop assessed.

The Department of Transport have agreed that due to the current unprecedented circumstances with Covid 19, existing badge holders awaiting renewal can continue to use their expired Blue Badge either on-street or in local authority car parks until 30th September 2020, or until it is renewed if that is sooner.  However they should not use an expired Blue Badge in a privately owned car park unless they have checked that they will allow them to do so, as they may still be continuing parking enforcement procedures on their land.

We understand the inconvenience this is causing for those waiting and sincerely apologise for the delay, and would like to assure you that we are working hard to address the backlog as quickly as possible.

How to apply

To protect all our customers and staff, we’ve taken the decision to close the council’s One Stop Shops temporarily in order to comply with social distancing requirements.

If you do need to apply for a blue badge, please apply online.

The fee for a blue badge is £10.

Evidence you will need to upload to support your Blue Badge application:

  • A passport standard photograph.
  • Two forms of identification. One photo ID such as a passport, bus pass or photocard driving licence, and at least one must show your current address and be dated within the last 12 months.
  • Your most recent qualifying benefit award letter (within the last 12 months). See the list of qualifying benefits above

Once we have received the relevant documentation and photo from you, we will call or e-mail you to request that you make your payment. Please make sure you fill in your preferred contact details on the application,

If you have lost your Blue Badge or it has been stolen, you still need to apply online. The fee for a replacement Blue Badge is £10.

If you are unable to apply online and want to talk to someone, please call 0151 489 6000 or blue.badge@knowsley.gov.uk.