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EFDS seek active and non-active disabled people in England for new insight

Today, the English Federation of Disability Sport launch a new research project and they are calling upon all active and non-active disabled people in England to take part in it. Disabled people aged fourteen upwards will be asked a series of questions on their lifestyles and motivations, which will help shape the future of sport and fitness for disabled people in the country.
This piece of research will be English Federation of Disability Sport’s (EFDS) largest project to gather insight on disabled people’s opinions on sport and fitness in England yet. The EFDS are keen for every disabled person to take part in the survey- whether active or not. They realise a lot of useful information can be found through non-active disabled people. The reasons why disabled people are not active are just as important as why they are.
Running until Christmas, the survey will be accessible for people with all impairments through online, telephone or face to face. It also allows people to fill the survey out on disabled people’s behalf. The hope is that sports bodies, disabled people’s organisations and disabled people themselves will pass the link on to their contacts. With more disabled people using the survey to share their own views- the more scope EFDS will have to ensure disabled people are represented effectively in strategy and provision for years to come. This way, EFDS can support sports organisations to deliver programmes, which respond to disabled people’s current needs and the realistic market.
EFDS are the national sports body for disabled people in England- with the vision that disabled people are active for life. The charity champions opportunities for disabled people to enjoy sport, supporting the sport and physical activity sectors to be more inclusive.
The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete by you or the person you have allowed to fill it out on your behalf. Criteria for survey is:
  • Anyone who considers themself to be a disabled person
  • Aged fourteen and above
  • Living in the England counties
Those respondents who require particular support and can not use this online survey tool are asked to contact us through the most relevant contact points. We will ensure all disabled people can take part in the survey.
The survey link is live from Monday 12 November until Christmas time.