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Disability Hate Crime Event – a great success


On Friday 1 November, KDC hosted a special conference for people in Knowsley who have a learning disability to learn about disability hate crime and how together we can put a stop to it.

Through a mixture of images, role playing and workshops, delagates were able to gain a better undertsanding of what hate crime and incidents are, how to report them, what to expect in terms of support and what the judicial process looks like.

Feedback about the event has been extremey positive and we are seeing this as a launch of a long term campaign over the coming year using a variety of ways to raise awareness, highlight the issue and reduce the number of incidents.

If you would like to get involved, contact Paula Lomas on 0151 480 4090.

We would like to thank Knowsley Council, the Police Sigma Unit and all other partners for their invaluable support and contribution.