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Care Charges (client contributions)

All local authorities have a duty to arrange support for those with eligible
needs. Each Council is given the discretion as to whether they can charge a contribution for these services. Currently, almost all councils have decided to use this discretion.

Where the local authority decides to apply its discretion, section 17 of the
Care Act 2014 states that it must carry out a financial assessment. The
purpose is to assess the person’s financial resources and the amount (if
any) that they are likely to pay towards the cost of their care package
The rules setting out how the Council must carry out the financial
assessment is found in two documents that are linked to the Care Act. One
is called the Care and Support (Charging and Assessment) Regulations
2014 and the second is called the Care and Support Statutory Guidance
Knowsley Council has put in place a Charging Policy to explain its financial
assessment process, but it cannot go below the standards set out in the
Care Act documents

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