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Money for training for individual employers and PAs

The individual employer fund is now open.

If you employ your own personal assistants (PAs) using a direct payment or your own money, you can apply for money for training for you and your staff.

What can the money be used for?

It can be used for lots of different training courses and qualifications including:
• communication skills
• British sign language
• first aid
• health and safety
• condition specific training such as dementia or autism awareness
• Health and Social Care Diplomas.

It can also cover travel costs and the cost of hiring replacement PAs.

It can make a real difference. Jean supports her daughter to employ a team of PAs and applied for funding to train them. She said:

“The biggest thing for me was that their confidence grew, and this has made a big difference to how they support my daughter. The standard of care has gone up and this is something I constantly work on to achieve.”

It’s easy to apply, download the application form and guidance below.

If you feel confident enough to apply for this funding then please read the guidance documents first

Individual Employer funding guidance

Application  Form


How have others used the funding?

Individual employer  Ella McCance’s story

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