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‘Making it Real’

‘Making it Real’ – update December 2012

KDC has identified its 3 priority areas for improving its services towards making personalised, community-based support really happen for the people of Knowsley.

We have published our Action Plan on the Making it Real website and will be keeping track of our progress over the next few months. Take a look at our plans here.


‘Making it Real’ – update August 2012

Later in the year the Knowsley user Led Organisation (KULO) will be consulting with people who use services to examine the markers in Making it Real and identify the top three priorities for Knowsley. We will keep you informed of these plans but in the meantime, KDC has made a commitment by signing up to Making it Real and we are running a workshop on 15 August to look at what is important for our customers and what we need to do better. If you would like to get involved and have your say, contact Johanne Ross on 480 4090 for more details.

What is ‘Making it Real’

Making it Real is a set of statements from people who use care and support telling The Think Local, Act Personal Partnership what they would expect, see and experience if personalisation is real and working well in an organisation.

These are “markers” that will help show how well an organisation is doing in transforming adult social care through personalisation and community-based support.

This is a new phase in using citizen-led information to judge success in implementing personalisation.

Click the image below for the Making it Real guide Click the image below for the easy read version Other formats
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For answers to some frequently asked questions click here (leads to external website)

For alternative formats and videos of personal stories visit the the Think Local, Act Personal webite here

What is the Think Local, Act Personal Partnership?

The Think Local, Act Personal Partnership is comprised of over 30 national and umbrella organisations representing the broad interest in personalisation and community-based support. These organisations, through joining this Partnership, have committed to supporting a small central team in working to improve practice in six priority areas; as well as advising and influencing government and other bodies. To better understand who they are and what they do, download their new leaflet (opens new window) that explains their work.