263a Tarbock Road
Huyton Merseyside, L36 0SD

BIG Science Club

A new free programme for adults with learning disabilities exploring Science in our daily lives.

This new pilot programme will be starting in February 2021, places will be limited so enrol early!

The programme will cover the following topics

Climate change, plastics and the environment

What causes global warming and how can we reduce it? Why do we need so much plastic? Are there eco-friendly alternatives? What can we do to help our environment?

Chemistry in Our Homes

Where do we find chemicals in the home? How do soaps and cleaning products work? What are medicines made from? What goes into our food?

Colour and Flames

Why are plants green? Why is our blood red? How do dyes work? Where does fire come from? Why are fireworks so many different colours?


To book your place on this exciting programme contact Cheryl

Telephone 0151 480 8883 or email cheryl.keogh@kdc.org.uk

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