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Chill and Chat


What is Chill and Chat?

The BIG Group organise monthly Chill & Chat nights where they meet up to socialise and have fun. 

The group decide where they would like to go and what they would like to do like bowling, going to the theatre or to the pub for a meal 

going bowling

Here is what we have done on previous Chill & Chat events

Customers reviews

Here is what people have said about our Chill & Chat nights

“It made me get out more, which is good because I can make new friends rather than being stuck in the house”
“Walking in I was nervous, but once I settled now and spoke to people I was more relaxed”
“I would encourage people to go to the chill and chat, you are not on your own, you’re among friends, you can talk to people, people are there to help and support you so you shouldn’t feel nervous and shy”
“Coming to the chill and chats helps me because it improves my social life”

For more information on how to attend our Chill & Chat nights, contact KDC on

Telephone 0151 480 4090 or email ld@kdc.org.uk