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Advocacy in Knowsley – the principles

These principles describe the standards to which all advocacy services in Knowsley are delivered:

Clarity of Purpose

The advocacy service has clearly stated aims and objectives.



The advocacy service is structurally independent from statutory organisations and preferably from all service provider agencies.


Putting People First

The advocacy service ensures that the wishes and interests of the people it advocates for direct advocates’ work.



The advocacy service supports self-advocacy and empowerment through its work.


Equal Opportunity

The advocacy service has a written equal opportunities policy that recognises the need to be pro-active in tackling all forms of inequality, discrimination and social exclusion.



Advocacy is provided free of charge to eligible people.


Supporting Advocates

The advocacy service ensures that advocates are prepared, trained and supported in their role with opportunities to develop skills and experience.



The advocacy service has in place systems for the effective monitoring and evaluation of its work.



The advocacy service has a written policy on confidentiality, stating that information known about a person is confidential to the scheme.



The advocacy service has a written policy describing how to make complaints or give feedback about the scheme or about individual advocates.