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Face Forward Courses

                        New Face-to-Face* Courses starting in April 2021

                  For all course information and to book onto your chosen course           

                               log onto the website: www.knowsleyface.co.uk **

Click on the Link to access FACE Forward courses: Knowsley FACE Course List (knowsleyglobal.net)

Family And Community Education  
FREE Courses
DayTimeWeeksStart Date
FF with Mindfulness Huyton (St John)   Knowsley FACE FFWMSJ084 FACE FORWARD WITH MINDFULNESS (knowsleyglobal.net)Thursday11:30 – 1:30608.04.2021
FF with Creative Writing Huyton (St John)   Knowsley FACE FFWCWSJ84 FACE FORWARD WITH CREATIVE WRITING (knowsleyglobal.net)Thursday2:00 – 4:00608.04.2021
FF Mindfulness Prescot Town Hall Knowsley FACE FFMIND124 FACE FORWARD MINFULNESS (knowsleyglobal.net)Monday10:00 – 12:00612.04.2021
FF Aromatherapy Prescot Town Hall Knowsley FACE FFAPTH124 FACE FORWARD AROMATHERAPHY (knowsleyglobal.net)Monday12:30 – 2:30612.04.2021
FF Local History of Prescot Prescot Town Hall Knowsley FACE FFLHP13/4 FACE FORWARD LOCAL HISTORY OF PRESCOT (knowsleyglobal.net)Tuesday10:00 – 11:30613.04.2021
FF Find Out Your Family Tree Prescot Town Hall Knowsley FACE FFYFT134 FACE FORWARD FIND OUT YOUR FAMILY TREE (knowsleyglobal.net)Tuesday12:00 – 2:00613.04.2021
Introduction to Mental Health First Aid Prescot Town Hall Knowsley FACE FFMHFA214 FACE FORWARD MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID (knowsleyglobal.net)Wednesday10:00 – 1:00121.04.2021
Mixed Therapies Huyton (St John)   Knowsley FACE FFCT274 FACE FORWARD COMPLIMENTARY THERAPIES (knowsleyglobal.net)Tuesday1:00 – 4:00127.04.2021
FF with Flowers Prescot Town Hall Knowsley FACE FFWF274 FACE FORWARD WITH FLOWERS (knowsleyglobal.net)Tuesday2:30 – 4:30627.04.2021

FACE-to-FACE* Classes – Guideline COVID 19


In order to access our classes, we are asking all learners to take a Covid-19 self-test( Rapid Antigen Test) and called as well lateral flow test. Your pack should arrive within 1 to 2 days from when you have placed your order. The test can be done at home the night before attending the class and you will have the results sent onto your phone within 30 minutes.  Do not attend the class if your result is positive.  You will be asked to show us a negative result on your phone.

Click the Link for ordering your pack: https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests

  • In line with Government guidance, we have started to introduce some face-to-face sessions arranged in a very small number of selected venues in Huyton, Stockbridge Village and Prescot where social distancing measures can be implemented safely for learners and staff.
  • Class numbers will be reduced to ensure social distancing measures can be followed.
  • Learners must bring and wear a mask for attending the venue and class.
  • All learners should bring in class their own pens, pencils, notebooks, or materials.

To enroll log onto: www.knowsleyface.co.uk**

Note: if you are an existing learner, from a prior year, you need to call Ange Powell on 07870 884266 to set up a web account for you initially. You will be advised if this applies to you when you enter your details on the website.

Courses, times, and venues are subject to change and/or cancellation due to minimum numbers.

We thank you for your support and understanding. For more information Follow FACE Forward Recovery Partnership on Social Media at:

Facebook: @FACEForwardKnowsley     Twitter: @Faceforwardmh         

Order you lateral Flow Test before attending a class: https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests

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