Consultation on Appointeeship and Deputyship Fees

Letter from Linda Crawley – Head of Safeguarding and Quality Improvement, Knowsley Health and Social Care

As I am sure you are aware, there are some people in every community who, due to age or frailty, are no longer able to manage their own finances. Generally they are supported by family members or friends who become Appointees or Deputies and take on the responsibility of managing their money, paying bills etc.

Unfortunately there are some people with no family or friends able, willing or living near enough to take this on. In these circumstances, or, where there have been incidents of financial abuse, local councils take on this responsibility. In Knowsley there have always been a small number of people for whom the council has acted as Corporate Appointee or Deputy, but in recent years the number has increased and continues to do so.

In these circumstances, and in order to continue to provide a good service, the council recognises that this service must be properly resourced with professional staff who can deal with the increasing demand for this type of support.

All neighbouring local authority areas are already charging for this service and, reluctantly, Knowsley recognises that a fee will have to be charged to enable us to continue to provide such high quality support. However, we recognise that everyone’s resources are under pressure and have kept this to a minimum.

There will be a standard fee for Appointeeship of £20 per calendar month – However no fee will be raised on anyone who has a balance of less than £1,000 in their account.

Fees in respect of Deputyship are laid down by the Court of Protection and are higher because in these cases the individual’s financial affairs tend to be more complex.

Enclosed is a copy of leaflet explaining our Corporate Appointee and Deputy Services. We believe that the fees proposed are fair and below those charged by many other local authorities or the private sector.

I would be very grateful if you would consider this, and would welcome any responses to the following issues found here by Friday 10th May 2013.

Thank you for your time, access the questionnaire here.

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